UK Excursion – Spring 2020

This exciting travel opportunity will allow ten College of Education students to explore the education system in the United Kingdom, which is well known for its culturally diverse staff and rigorous teacher preparation. These experiences will better prepare these future educators in their journey to their own classroom.
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About the Campaign

We are excited to announce that the College of Education has been afforded the opportunity to send a group of education majors to the United Kingdom! Ten education majors will be traveling May 24-31, 2020, to Edinburgh, Scotland and London, England in order to compare the educational systems, schools, and teacher preparation programs in the U.K to that of the United States.

Meet the Students

We have a dedicated group of education students that are beyond excited to expand their knowledge of the field and become more effective educators. As the campaign progresses, be sure to check out their bios on our Facebook page where we will also post our progress.

The Challenge

In order to help reduce the out of pocket travel expense for our students, we have launched this Ignite campaign with a goal of $5,000. The funds raised will be contributed toward each student’s travel expenses.

The Impact

While in each of the U.K cities we will be able visit local schools to gain insight on the day to day experiences of students and educators in those systems. Our group will receive lectures on the education’s industry engagement and be provided an overview of the curriculum and system organization as a whole. Edinburgh has been instrumental in modernizing its education institutions that emphasize depth in learning across subject areas. While in London, we will engage with a lecture on the rigorous teacher preparation and training that is required of individuals to become teachers in England. As an added bonus of this educational journey, we will participate in a half-day excursion on the Oxford campus.  The educational system in London has taken a hard role in seeking a claim to be a global center for education with one of the largest populations of international students in the world.

A message from the students:

On behalf of all the students embarking on this trip, we would like to thank the SAU Education Department for giving us the chance to go on this endeavor. We appreciate the faith you have put in us to be able to grant us such an opportunity. We would like to thank Dr. Angela Stanford, our sponsor and guide for this trip. We appreciate all the work you have done to help plan for and schedule this trip. Lastly, we would like to thank President Trey Berry and Southern Arkansas University as a whole. We came to SAU to get a degree and have found a home here as well. We appreciate everything you do for Southern Arkansas University and are very proud to represent SAU as we go on this journey.

Thank You!

We are so grateful for your support and are looking forward to gaining so much insight through this educational journey.

Angela Stanford, Ed.D, NBCT

Associate Professor of Education

Director, Middle School Education Programs

Southern Arkansas University