The Bray modernizes campus news by going digital

The Bray, the student newspaper of Southern Arkansas University, officially launched its new online edition during the spring semester. will be a constantly updated news source for the students, faculty, staff, and friends of SAU.

“The Bray Online allows the Bray staff to get you information as it happens,” said Dylan McLemore, assistant professor of mass media and faculty advisor to The Bray. “It provides us with the ability to go beyond our printed capacity with photo galleries, video clips, and other multimedia content. It allows you, the reader, to get involved by commenting on stories or even submitting your own news and opinions.”

As the student staff added online publishing to their duties, print publication moved from a weekly to a biweekly schedule.

The online edition will carry all print stories, as well as web exclusives that did not make it to the presses. PDF downloads of print editions will also be available, dating back to the beginning of the 2010-2011 school year.

Bray staff also maintain a Twitter feed (@thebrayonline) and a Facebook page (search for “The Bray Online”).

The drastic loss of jobs in the print industry – over 15,000 since the recession began – combined with an increase in the consumption of online news led to the decision to begin providing electronic content.

“Employers are looking for a new set of skills, and consumers are looking for a new way to get information,” McLemore said. “The game has changed. To continue to do things the same way would be a disservice to our readers and our students preparing for their careers.”

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