SAU endowments completed in 2012

Southern Arkansas University celebrated endowments completed in 2011-2012 fiscal year at the recent SAU Foundation Honor Society’s Dinner held Nov. 9. The Endowment Honor Wall in the Donald W. Reynolds Campus and Community Center main hall recognizes completed endowments, which include these endowments completed during the year:

  • William L. and Dorothy Craig Scholarship Endowment for a member of the band. The scholarship was established in their honor by the friends of William and Dorothy Craig, especially Dr. and Mrs. Claude Baker.
  • Credit Card Memorial Scholarship Endowment for a student who is a member of the SAU Rodeo Team. It was established in memory of Shaun Smith’s horse Credit Card by Jay and Robin Smith, Rusty Hayes, and many other supporters of the SAU Rodeo Team.
  • David Benoit Dugal Scholarship Endowment for a student majoring in English or Literature from the Mt. Holly community. It was established by the David Benoit Dugal Estate.
  • Kathy Uhrich Hunter Nursing Scholarship Endowment for a student who is majoring in nursing. Preference will be given to a non-traditional student. It was established by Ray and Daisy Uhrich.
  • Major Lawrence E. Jarnagin Scholarship Endowment for a student graduating from Lafayette County Public Schools. The scholarship was established by the James Jarnagin Estate.
  • Esther and Linda Samuel Martindale Scholarship Endowment for a student majoring in Elementary Education. Recipients will alternate between Norphlet and Magnolia. Established by James and Linda Martindale and Adrin and Nancy Hargett.
  • Georgie D. Mason Scholarship Endowment for a student in the SAU Nursing Program. The scholarship endowment was established by Ruble Mason.
  • Charlotte Jordan Miller and Gertrude Jordan Summer Library Endowment to benefit Magale Library. The scholarship was established by Sharon Lee Miller.Eichenberger.
  • Richard and Pam Murphy Scholarship Endowment for a student majoring in business. It was established by Richard and Pam Murphy.
  • Paul and Bernidene Sorrels College of Business Endowment to benefit the College of Business. This scholarship was established by Bernidene Sorrels.

Endowed funds are the foundation for everything SAU must do: recruit the best students and faculty and provide enhancements for departments, schools and colleges.

Endowments provide a continual source of funds for scholarships, academic enrichment, athletic programs, and campus needs. Endowments are a wonderful way to honor a family member, a favorite teacher or special person. Universities are graded by the size of their endowment because it is a measure of institutional health and helps measure the value that donors place on the institution.
Call the SAU Foundation at (877) 235-4078 and ask for the Endowment Worksheet or visit with the executive director about your questions.

Visit the SAU Foundation website  for more information.

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