Pick up, pull up, fix up day

Dr. Donna Allen, Michael Woods and Gary Herron dig in at University Village replacing shrubs

The Physical Plant grounds crew has not seen the same increase in their numbers as reflected in the growth and expansion of facilities that the campus itself has experienced under Dr. David Rankin’s Blue and Gold Vision.

Keeping the grounds groomed and beautified on even part of a 1,400-plus-acre campus is exhausting and overwhelming work for the small grounds staff.

In response to a need for help and to show appreciation to the keepers of the grounds for their never-ending work, SAU administration, staff and faculty rolled up their sleeves, donned gloves and manned yard tools for “Pick Up, Pull Up, Fix Up Day” in May to give the crew a much-needed extra hand around campus.

Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Donna Allen coordinated with the Physical Plant staff to target areas of need. Over 50 volunteers responded and were assigned to buildings and locations all over campus from the business building to the University Village Apartments. The volunteers cheerfully dedicated the day to the back-breaking work that the grounds staff do daily – so often without recognition. Clean grounds, weed-free flower beds and new plants were the end result.

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