The “Mulerider” yearbook is back

Combing through the pages of old yearbooks, one can learn a lot about the history of Southern Arkansas University. Thanks to a push from the University’s administration, the Mulerider yearbook is once again in production.

Working as co-editors, Director of Communications Aaron Street and University Editor Jeremy Langley provided oversight to the project, starting from scratch. Their first completed book covers the 2010-2011 academic year and was released during spring fling on April 11, 2012. It was the first yearbook to be distributed since 2002.

“It was an honor for us to get the Mulerider yearbook up and running again,” said Street. “In the SAU Communications Center, we have shelves of timeless Mulerider books from years gone by. We use them to scan in what are now historical photographs and for historical references. We would hate years from now for future students, faculty, staff and alumni to miss out on seeing all the great things happening on campus right now.”

Work on the second Mulerider yearbook has been wrapping up this summer with the hopes of distributing it in the fall. Anyone who was enrolled as a student during the 2011-2012 academic year will receive a free copy. All seniors who graduated during that time frame will receive a book in the mail.

“We have received countless comments from people who are excited to have a yearbook back in production at SAU,” said Langley. “It was great to watch people look through the book to find pictures of themselves and relive some of those memories. That’s something they will cherish for years to come.”

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