SAU Foundation Board of Governors

The Foundation Board of Governors Chair Jerry Mayfield and SAU President Dr. David Rankin recently recognized retiring SAU Foundation Governors.

Retiring members of the Foundation Board of Governors include:
• Debbie Arnold ’85 of Magnolia, with six years of service and one term as chair of the Board
• Lawrence Bearden ’61 of Smackover, with 12 years of service and three terms as chair of the Board
• Paul Gean ‘94 of Springdale with six years of service
• Claude “Pancho” Ramey ’62 of Hatfield with three years of service
• J. W. Rowe, ’54, of Magnolia, with 12 years of service
• Dr. W. R. “Bill” Scurlock, of El Dorado, with 12 years of service

Not present were Louis Blanchard of Magnolia, with 15 years of service and one term as chair of the Board; and Edgar Lee ‘85, who served on the board during his term as chairman of the SAU Board of Trustees.

Governors are elected for three-year terms and may serve two consecutive terms. After two terms, governors must retire for a year before being eligible to serve another term.

The SAU Foundation plays a vital role in raising and managing private resources in support of SAU. It operates independently of the University under the guidance of the SAUF Board of Governors. Established in 1980, the Foundation now has assets of more than $30 million dedicated to the benefit of SAU.

Governors are engaged and committed volunteers who validate the worth of the University and encourage others to become involved. The Board promotes SAU, invests and manages long-term funds, and distributes earnings from those funds to the University.

Current SAU Foundation Board Members
Claude Baker, Ph.D.
Willis Beene, D.D.S.
Phil Brooks
Travis Buchanan
Molly Burns
Mark Dixon, M.D.
Sharon Eichenberger
Beth Galway
Mary Harsh
Kent Hendrix
Ricky Hughes, D.V.M.
Lance L. Larey
Julia Laney Machen
Jerry Mayfield
Rosie Matlock-Muldrew
Sherry Phillips-Dillender
Joe Pieratt
Teddy Reynolds
Boyd Rosser
Jan Story
Robin Story
Bill Stringfellow
Tom Watson

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