Fincher Hall Project raises $32K for School for the Blind

Fincher Hall, Southern Arkansas University’s newest residence hall, is known as the learning and living hall. With its mission of service in mind, residents joined with others to organize several fundraising opportunities during the spring semester that resulted in a meaningful donation of $32,127 for the Arkansas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

The amount was revealed and a check presented to the Little Rock-based school’s Superintendent Jim Hill, Principal Sharon Berry and Librarian Miranda Cole during a ceremony in front of Fincher Hall on May 3. Their faces registered shock at the unexpected amount.

“Fincher Hall is the learning and living hall, and I’m impressed with the living example they exhibited,” Hill said. “It shows a lot of heart and renews my faith in young people.”

Director of Alumni Relations Ceil Bridges was instrumental in “Through the Eyes of an Artist,” a cooperative children’s art project and silent auction that helped to raise a portion of the funds. Students also began the first annual “Honors Haul 5K” as a fund raiser.

Josh Kee, president of the Magnolia Lion’s Club, also presented the school with a check for $2,000.  “We’re honored to be a part of this opportunity. It’s directly correlated with [the Lion’s Club] mission to help the sight impaired.”

Cole said the money will be invested in the newest digital technology, making it possible to greatly expand the library’s current collection of books not currently available in Braille format. The library serves hundreds of children statewide from birth to age 21, according to Hill.

“Service is a big part of living here [in Fincher Hall]. It’s a living, learning and giving environment,” said SAU President Dr. David Rankin. “We are so proud of the students from Fincher Hall and everyone who supported them. It’s a win-win. The students win and whoever they help wins through their service.”


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