Alumni Center/Lusby Gathering Pavilion celebration

SAU Alumni Board will hold a celebration party for all donors of the Alumni Center/Lusby Gathering Pavilion, September 8, 2017, before the first football game at the new SAU Alumni Center.

“We want our donors to be the first ones to tour our new home,” said Ceil Bridges, Director of Alumni Relations. “Our donors have been loyal in seeing this construction finished.”

Legacy Lane, the brick road going from the alumni center to the alumni bridge, will be a showcase next to the Ann (Furr) Harrell Courtyard. Jim Andrews, Jr. ‘86, Staley Cash ‘85, Kerri Ochs ‘88, Mason Cozart ‘83, Geurin Baker ‘14, Brinkley Jackson ‘09, and Natasha Mendenhall Coleman ’03 are part of a steering committee that will launch a campaign for fraternities and sororities to purchase their Greek brick in Legacy Lane. Brinkley stated, “Having a place to reminisce with sorority sisters and classmates will be such an advantage when we come on campus!”

On Saturday, September 9, the center will be overflowing with alumni, students, family, and friends as SAU kicks off its first home football game along with Family Day.

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