Not Just Enrollment

At the onset of each new semester in recent years, growth at SAU has tended to focus on the record enrollment numbers. This has been an uplifting trend, yet SAU’s growth has spread well beyondstudent headcount…

Endowment: A crucial element of SAU’s future as state funding continues to decrease, SAU’s endowment has skyrocketed almost $23 million to a 2017 year-end total of $37,524,608.25.

Average ACT: SAU is not only attracting more students, but also attracting higherscoring students. In 2017-18, the student average ACT was a record 21.88.

Honors College: With 90 Honors students in 2007-08, and the number growing to 156 in 2012-13, the SAU HC hit a record in 2017-18 with 179 students.

Graduates: The SAU Alumni base is growing by leaps and bounds as record numbers of SAU students are completing programs and earning degrees.

SAU Housing: Four new halls have been constructed since 2016 – Burns-Harsh, Columbia, Eichenberger, and Magnolia – and Arkansas Hall will be built next year.

Activities: A new 18-hole disc golf course winds through the scenic pines and around the duck pond. Four official sand volleyball courts are also new to campus. A total of 30 beautiful blue/gold and Mulerider-branded bicycles are distributed at hubs across campus, and all a user needs to go for a fun ride is to download that smartphone app.

Athletics: Track returned in 2016 and has already left a mark on DII athletics. Tennis returns this fall. Both of these sports have new facilities.

Summer camps: Mulerider Kids College has grown at unbelievable rates, and Mulerider Teen College is entering its second year. Other departmental camps also continue to thrive.

By Aaron Street

Director of Creative Services

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